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JIMMY to Launch the Next Generation
Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum HW9 Pro on March

Выдавецтва: Час выпуску: 2023-03-02

All-in-one design can realize deep floor /carpet /under furniture
cleaning while saving both time and labor.

Fast-paced work, socializing, and parenting take up a lot of our time and energy.
When we come home from a busy day, or finally put the baby to sleep, we just want to do something comfortable and relaxing, such as drinking a glass of champagne, listening to a great piece of music, or simply lying down and playing with our smart phone.

Household chores?
What a annoying problem!

Imagine wet and dry trash on the floor, hair and snack crumbs on the carpet, a layer of dust under the bed, grease stains on the kitchen floor, etc., and the time and tools (vac, mop, broom) needed to clean up,this kind of annoying mood can be understand.

So, how to quickly and easily solve your daily cleaning needs?
JIMMY HW9 Pro cordless vacuum & washer is here to help.


“We have realized that there are still some complex cleaning problems for kitchens, bathrooms and other hard-to-reach narrow low spaces in the domestic environment.
Most current vacuums on the market fail to clean in the corners, low spaces, stubborn garbage due to the insufficient design of the product.
Meanwhile, the poor waterproof performance of the product during the cleaning process, which also makes many consumers feel dissatisfied.” said Eric product manager of JIMMY. “With this in mind, we have launched JIMMY HW9Pro to solve these problems and improve the living quality of our global customers.”

Optimized with a new level of waterproof brushless motor, 50% high efficiency, IPX8 waterproof, driving stronger suction power, JIMMY HW9 Pro can easily clean dry and wet stubborn stains and dust on different floor surfaces.


Besides, considering that there are a lot of needs for carpet cleaning in life, in addition to the composite roller brush, JIMMY HW9 Pro is equipped with a dedicated carpet brushroll, which can remove deep dander, insects, and hair from the carpet.

(Carpet mode is recommended for cleaning dry garbage)

JIMMY HW9 Pro also has an optimized body design that can almost lie flat at 180°to clean into tight spaces, under the sofa, bed, chair etc, bringing you an effortless cleaning experience even for long-time cleaning-- significantly outperforming similar models in the market.


Thanks to its visual cleaning system, press the water spray button to control the water spray time and volume, easily clean stubborn garbage, sauces, oil stains, etc. on the kitchen floor, and dry quickly without leaving water stains.

And JIMMY HW9 Pro is more smart than you think.
It can automatically adjust the suction power according to the degree of dirt on the ground.
It is also equipped with a smart LED screen that can display the real-time information you need, such as remaining running time, power mode, dust concentration, etc.

At the same time, its intelligent voice prompts provide clear and accurate operation guidance, ensuring a more humanized experience, even for less tech-savvy users.

Cleaning is made easy with JIMMY HW9 Pro. Featuring its self-cleaning and air-drying function, the brushroll is automatically washed without needing any manual intervention. Once it is washed, the air dries the brushroll to prevent mildew or bacteria growth.

Пра Джымі

JIMMY - гэта брэнд KingClean Electric Co., Ltd. Як тэхналагічна інавацыйны брэнд бытавой тэхнікі, які засяроджваецца на галіне інтэлектуальнай ачысткі, інтэграцыі даследаванняў і распрацовак, вытворчасці і продажаў. З лозунгам «Тэхналогія стварае якаснае жыццё» JIMMY імкнецца дазволіць кожнаму спажыўцу жыць здаровым і камфортным.

Кампанія KingClean Electric Co., Ltd на працягу 29 гадоў з 1994 года займаецца ачысткай навакольнага асяроддзя і з'яўляецца адной з найбуйнейшых у свеце кампаній па распрацоўцы і вытворчасці пыласосаў на працягу 19 гадоў з 2004 года.

Kingclean мае больш за 800 інжынераў-даследчыкаў і больш за 1800 патэнтаў, штогод прымяняе каля 200 новых патэнтаў. Больш за 160 мільёнаў карыстальнікаў па ўсім свеце выбіраюць пыласосы KingClean.

Для атрымання больш падрабязнай інфармацыі, калі ласка, наведайце: https://www.jimmyglobal.com


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